“The hand of trauma is long but can be broken”

Excerpt from the book…

…I heard the voice again, you’re no good. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t go unheard. You are nothing; you are just a big fat failure! The hand of trauma is long and strong, stretching over decades and slowly choking out life, as it demands to be dealt with.

With those words ricocheting around my head, I climbed back into bed and slid the duvet over my head. I could still hear it, so I got up and adjusted the curtains until I could not see a glimmer of light. I felt my way along the walls and back to my bed, where I pulled the duvet over my head again. At last, the darkness that enveloped the room matched my world.


“Dust is travail, Dew is triumph”

Over the years I have owned my personal philosophies, I have come to realize that very often when we find ourselves inside a hole we still continue to dig and the more we dig the more we fall into the bottomless pit.

Dust to Dew chronicles my various journeys and battles through life from my little insecurities and a full blown fight against mental health/depression. Dust is chaos, dust blinds. Dew on the other hand speaks of a fresh start of hope renewed.

Dust is travail, Dew is triumph. I hope this book encourages you not to give in and not to give up but to look at every situation in your life from a fresher perspective.

Founder Genevieve Magazine, founder Genevieve Pink Ball for breast cancer, author Morning Dew, Life Lesson.


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